Our commitment to you

Personalized care. A warm, cheerful staff is always ready to help and see to it that our patrons will be treated with utmost service. Our team will be here to attend to any questions or extend our help to provide the best medication and/or treatment for our patients.

Prompt service

We value your time. As much possible, we work quick to dispense your medication/s within 15 minutes or less depending on how many medications you need and refills if are available.


We maybe miles away from your home but in the light of technology, you can reach us through phone call, text message, email or our website. It is easy to transfer to us, just have your prescription sent to us by your physician through e-script, fax, or phone. Transferring from another pharmacy is very easy . All we need is some info like pharmacy name and medication then leave the rest to us.


We provide free delivery service to our customers who lives within 5 miles from us. Otherwise , prescription will be send out for free through mail. Regular delivery takes 1-3 days and is available for patients having 3 or less meds. Overnight 1 business day shipping is provided for those having 4 or more prescription medicines.

Free blister packing

To achieve our health goal, compliance is the key factor. One way to ensure patients adherence to treatment is the ease of remembering medication regimen. We will bubble pack the medicines with numbers corresponding to days of the month so patients will not miss a dose. This is provided free of charge, just let us know if you want this service.


7470 Cherry Avenue Suite 111
Fontana, CA 92336


Monday - Friday 9am-6pm